About EUpinion

EUpinion is a platform to analyse and comment on developments related to the European Union (EU). Every week, the platform will supply an opinion piece that will encourage the ongoing dialogue among the citizens of the EU. Every month, an in-depth analysis piece will be written to analyse important trends and developments within, or related to, the EU.

EUpinion saw the first light of day on November 1, 2017. The platform was created by three young professionals that felt the urge and duty to follow ‘their’ Union closely and share their view on matters related to the Union with the citizens of the EU.

The editorial office

Eva Durlinger

Eva received her bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the Univeristy of Maastricht. A true researcher, she is currently following the master’s program for European research at Maastricht University, where she is a student ambassador for the program. Eva speaks Dutch, English, German, and French.

Eva specialises in European integration history from a transatlantic perspective. Her thorough analyses and sharp pencil have earned her the title of editor-in-chief at EUpinion. She has been with EUpinion since the very first day.

Ljuba Ferrario

Ljuba finished her bachelor’s degree in International Studies and European Institutions at Unversitá degli Studi di Milano in 2015. She continued her studies at the University of Economics in Prague, and an exchange semester at the university of Warsaw, in the field of International Relations, with a specialisation in migration.

Ljuba is a specialist when it comes to European institutions and migration policy in particular. She is currently a junior at Edelman in Milan and can be considered a polyglot as she speaks English, Italian, French, Bulgarian, and Czech. She is a well-respected author at EUpinion. She has been with EUpinion since the very first day.

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