Eva Durlinger – Editor in Chief

Eva received her bachelor’s degree in European Studies at the University of Maastricht. A true researcher, she is currently following the master’s program for European research at Maastricht University, where she is a student ambassador for the program. Eva speaks Dutch, English, German, and French. She has been with EUpinion since the very first day.

Find out some more about Eva below.

What does your current job entail?

Currently, I am working as research assistant at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University. As research assistant I am responsible for carrying out research tasks for several books and articles my employer is writing. This includes archival research in the European institutions in Brussels, online archival research, and archival research in the Dutch national archives. Besides my work as research assistant, I am also active as my master’s program student ambassador. As a student ambassador, you are the face of the program and are in charge of managing the program’s social media account next to making promotional videos and representing the master’s program at open days.

Why join EUpinion?

I joined EUpinion because besides my experience in the academic field I wanted to gain additional writing experience in a more informal environment that does allow me to write on EU-related topics. No better platform than EUpinion to gain this experience!

What is your specialty/field of interest?

During my Research Master in European Studies I specialized in the history of European integration. My focus within this lies on transatlantic relations, specifically transatlantic relations during the 1970s. Though this period is understood as a period of stagnation in which the Communities’ integration process lagged, I tend to provide a new narrative of this period and argue that there were several major integration efforts which impacted transatlantic relations.