Irina Kruhmalova – Editor and Head of Collaboration

Irina Kruhmalova has been involved with international relations throughout her studies in both Plzeň, at the University of West Bohemia, and Prague, at the University of Economics. She has an international profile and speaks 5 languages fluently: English, Russian, Czech, Ukrainian, and Spanish.

What does your current job entail?

Currently, I am working in the HR department of SAP in Prague. Within the HR field, I create policy, supports new system implementation, and keep an eye out for country-specific legislative initiatives – and adapts company policy where needed. This role allows me to maintain the overview and guard processes.

Why did you join EUpinion?

Being a part of analytical platform stimulates my personal growth and aspiration for further self-education in the field of international relations. Moreover, the feeling that I can increase people’s awareness about certain political issues inside the Union brings me the hope for brighter future of the EU, especially in a light of growing public Eurosceptic support.

What is your specialty/field of interest?

My primary field of interest since the beginning of 2010th was UK politics and its development. From the start, focusing on Euroscepticism in the UK led me to the deeper analysis of Eurosceptic movement and growing populism in the European Union and beyond. After some time, of course, it has become my main specialty.

Recently, EU legislative changes together with its plans on enlargement have started to be a part of my researches and I have started to develop my expertise in this field as well. Keep an eye out for articles about these topics, because I love to share my opinion in them!

Irina joined EUpinion in April of 2018 and other editors praise her for her engaging attitude and passionate writing. After all, a true opinion piece should reflect passion about a subject. Irina is an editor and chief of collaboration, for example with La Nouvelle Union.